A beam is not just a directional antenna, there is much more too it!
You can read all about the F-yagi, the OWA Yagi (scrol down) and the MOXON (bottum of page)
Upfront we would like to promisse you a couple things:

  • HONEST FIGURES. There are many manufacturers who do give false information. We dont, beeing honest is our trademark.
  • BEEING THE BEST. Equal important, if someone can think of someway to improve our designs mechanical or electrical and they are rigth, then we will adjust our line. WE ALWAYS WANT THE BEST.
  • COSTUMER UP FRONT: We rather sell 1 antenna to a happy costumer in 1 month then 100 in a week, simply cause then we can not do the personal approach we do have now. We are proud of our personal approach towards the costumer. We have said “no” to costumers in the past. Simple cause we thougth changing antennas in the clients situation wasnt what was needed. YOU, WITH YOUR QUESTION is what is important !

In 2009/2010 HPSD started as the First to produce the LFA for 11 meters on a commercial base. This already was a breakthrough. At the end of 2010 we got in contact with Brian Cake (KF2FG, author of “the antenna design book”). He explained his thougths on why the LFA had all the benefits and if it could be done otherwise aswell. It urned out it did. Infact amazing tight patterns have been created.
He came up with a low impedance wide band yagi wich could easily be transformerd to 50 ohms using a folded dipole.
Hence the F-Yagi. (f=folded dipole).
The bennefits of the F-yagi:


  • Direct 50 ohms impedance.
  • NO matching system, no losses.
  • Closed loop system.
  • Very high power handeling capability.
  • Extremely high antenna values, high gain, high front to back, high front to rear.
  • Each antenna is made in such a way, that they are able to handle updates! (no manufacturer in the World has updates!), Of course we honestly believe ours is already the best out there, but f we come up with a “update” we are willing to make that extra step!! Just another example of how we think about our antennas..not just selling now…but mainting a optimal result.
  • Each antenna element is isolated from the boom ! NO problems with boomcorrection etc.
  • EACH F-YAGI can easily be changed to a OWA if needed ! (of course same boomlength)

If you are looking for a REAL DX antenna, your search has ended. Without a doubt the F-Yagi is the best availible. Made by DXers, tested by DXers and DESIGNED FOR DXers !


The OWA yagi (optimium wideband antenna) is a antenna wich has its origin from Jim Breakall, (WA3FET) .
With a OWA you actually achieve over wide frequency high gain and high front to back figure while remaining a 50 ohm impedance. (and not only in the “SSB DX” section of the band)
They are know to be used by many ,and as mentioned..not for nothing. They are overall winners for all possible “antenna” jobs.
Direct 50 ohms impedance.
Wide band SWR (example 28-30 Mhz or 27-29 Mhz)
Extreme low return loss
HIGH power handeling
Non critical for wheater influence
With only a couple extra parts the OWA can be changed into a F-yagi if needed.

If you are looking for a solid workhorse for a wide frequency range the OWA is the way to go.