The mechanical aspect of our antennas is one of the primarily reason for our outstanding reputation.
A reputation of which we are of course very proud.
We will do everything to maintain that position. The top-mechanical and electrical capabillities of our antennas is probably why you have heard of us in First place.
All our antennas are handmade and tested on our range. We are the only one in the World who provides individual products for our customers.
You will notice some of our designs are different and so is our mechanical approach.  By doing so we are ensuring maximum performance !
After all; the antenna is the most important part of your radio system.
We are not interested in mass-production… we want to provide the best !
All antennas are “heavy duty” versions and will last a life time.
Of course other version can be made to the costumer his/her specifications,but the “standard” HPSD antenna is a long lasting antenna.



Our standard element diameters can be found in our product list. It would be too much to list each and every diameter here, but you can find them at the product page of each individual product. Besides our “normal” diameters we do design and construct antennas with diameters preferred by the costumer.
To give a rough idea what we normally mean with “our standard” diameters:
150 MHz = 12mm, 50 MHz 18mm, 30MHz starts at 25mm
The wall– thickness can be from 1 up to 5mm thick. Depending on model or to customer’s specification.




All elements are isolated from the boom.
If elements are not isolated from the boom, the     boom becomes part of the antenna and the manufacturer needs to apply boom correction.You can imagine thatover the years the connection between boom/element becomes less due to  corrosion and so does the so called boom     correction.
By isolating the elements as HPSD does, the        antenna pattern remains equal for the years                                                                     to come. We have done everything to make sure the antenna is the best there is

“out of the box” but also after several years. For isolating we use original Stauff clamps.

Needless to say we only use the finest available.
Again we are different compared to others. Most manufacturers “shop” for the cheapest aluminum in order to get more profit. And while this may seem a wise thing to do from a commercial point of view we have other thoughts….
Our elements are made out of the so called “6060T66” series.
We want to be sure we have a provider who provides alluminum of the finest quality !
All our aluminum is provided by MCB ,
At the bottom of the page you can find the inspection report of our aluminum….we make sure you get what is needed!ELEMENT PLATES:
The thickness of the element plates starts at 5mm
The plates are made from 6082 T6 aluminum.
The holes in our plates are made by a high precision punching machine.
The original stauff clamps are attached with 2 RVS A2 bolts.
The element plates are attached to the boom with galvanized U bolts.

(RVS U bolts can be provided on request).
All elements can be adjusted in length and position on the boom.
We can change the antenna if needed.
If you are thinking of further upgrading your system in the future…you have the option!
If your antenna is too large, we could scale the antenna down..a 5 elements can become a 3 elements for example.
Another unique feature of HPSD is to provide updates.NO MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD DOES THIS.