HPSD  recieves a compliment …….or not….

At the end of November 2013, a HPSD client contacted us and asked:
If we were involved with an antenna company called “global DX antennas”.
In all honesty, we had to reply: we never heard of the company before.
The client his initial thoughts were made because of the striking resemblance of those from HPSD.

The first thing we noticed: was a advertisement on a national internet selling site..(30-11-2013):


Indeed, the question from the client was not a strange one. There did seem to be some striking resemblance.


To start of with the name of the company: Bear in mind HPSD is owner of
We can imagine if you would place a word like “global” in front of “our” domain you will still get quite some “links” to you’re site through the search engine. So, it seems like: http://www.globaldxantennas.com Is a good find from a “effort” point of view.
The search engines have found the DX-antennas website they will also link to the gdxa website.

Another issue which was too much of a coincidence:


This is how “GLOBAL DX ANTENNAS” sets up the specifications:



The response of the client became more and more obvious, Indeed those two did seem like rather similar.
Personally at this moment I could not escape the feeling of beeing copied.
It became also clear the antenna knowledge lacked, as errors were noticed:

HPSD expresses the gain in dBi and dBd. Where dBd is against a dipole and dBi against a isotropic.
Those two (in freespace) will always have a 2,14 dB difference, as the gain of a dipole is 2,14dBI.

So how is it possible the Global dx antennas system moxon has 3,93 dbD (the same as HPSD) but a different dBI figure ?
The only reason I can think of is: They copied the text and changed some figures.

Of course if you take a closer look to all the different antennas you will find out much more “coincident”.
They really have done their up-most in doing so.



What could one else do ?


But no wit seems to get a bit ugly !

The search went on..  Who was behind “global DX antennas” ? The first indication any could get was taking a closer look at the website.
The page “about us” was not working, and neither was the “contact” page. Leaving no clue on where to look.
For a moment I actually began to doubt, perhaps it was a practical joke ? Couldn’t imagine that as there seemed to be done a lot of effort.

The first “clue” actually came from the advertisement. It stated they were located near “Wolvega”.   That was really strange, as that is not to far away from the base location of HPSD.
The website stated they were active since 1979, but I never heard of them…neither did anyone of the “well known” DXers.
Global DX antennas just seemed to have made a miracle appearance.

Eventually the answer came through using via http://www.whois.com/  By using that website you can find out who owns a domain name.


That is an email address, I did recognize:


The domain is registered to J.P. 19LV002, the email address is “the” lima victor club email address.
That was something that did put me back in the chair for a moment.

Last year the LIMA VICTOR CLUB contacted me. They had the request of helping them with two issues.
they had a forum with a “antenna” section and they asked me if I could have a look at it, just to see if there wasn’t too much rubbish on it. They actually made me “admin” in order for me to “take care” of things.

2-      They asked if HPSD could financially support them.

HPSD, has supported many activities for the 11 meter community. Most without people knowing as the 11 meter community is one of the few places where you truly can find friendship and honesty. We are enthusiastic, like many other…help without asking in return.

So we also helped the Lima Victor club (and www.clusterdx.nl). In return they insisted to place a banner on the website.

(still have the emails to prove this)

Of course they never did. But we didn’t care, aswe were already happy we could help the 11 meter community.


Just to give an example we did support them:


One of the things that irritates me: Always I have tried to help people, explain things about antennas to those who are willing to learn en where I can. To clarify what is real and who are “fake”.  The owners of GLOBAL DX ANTENNAS keeps asking questions about antenna.

Simple antenna fundamentals are thus not understood. Not only did they ask over the telephone but also on the clusterdx forum etc, you can google that if needed. So how can they serve the 11 meter community if they do not know for them selves ?


No we are not, and we also have stepped away from the LIMA VICTOR CLUB and CLUSTER DX.
HPSD has nothing against the members who have joined CLUSTERDX or the LIMA VICOTR CLUB.
Let that be clear !


10 point why we do NOT want to be involved with GLOBAL DX ANTENNA SYSTEMS in any way:

  1. It is questionable that they have made antennas on a commercial base since 1979. The website is only online since 29 okt 2013, and besides: nobody has ever heard of them.
  2. AT the time of writing the site indicator provides a indication of 56 hits. That includes the hits of the website master all the clients etc. But still there are already 6 “reviews” 6 clients who have found the website, ordered an antenna and placed a review. Astonishing isn’t it ?
  3. Those who have provided a review are questionable, most won’t deliver any “hit” on google. Besides a review from the club owner 19LV001 isn’t a real review is it ?
  4. There are hardly any plots on the website. If there are any (moxon page) you have provided the vertical elevation plot. This where most clients initially are interested in the Azimuth plot.
  5. The plots provided are made by 4nec2. The standard 4nec2 isn’t capable of handling bend tapered elements like the moxon has. For that reason the information is questionable.
  6. The element diameters (22-16mm) . That indicates you have used a tube with 1mm thickness. That is weak point.
  7. The 4 elements beam has a boom of only 1,9 meters long. You will not find a single other manufacturer in this world providing a 4el on a 1,9 meter boom. It has no use. And no, it will not provide the 7,69dBI as advertised.
  8. The “spooky” bazooka:Anyone with antenna knowledge, knows a coaxial bazooka antenna when made correctly will not have the gain of a normal dipole.  (And don’t mix up internal losses with SWR bandwidth !)
  9. Gain is expressed in dB in reference to something. E.g. dBI or dBD. Global dx antenna systems seems to use only dB. So to what is it compared ? for all whe know it could be a needle.
  10. Looking at the front page of the website:: (quote)

GDX antennas are commercial and custom hand-crafted. The antennas are high quality and made durable  since 1979. We tested all Antennes on efficiency. GDX use profesional antenna analysers
and plots. GDX stands for real workmanship, that’s why we give our antennas and other products a 2 year guarantee on performance. 

Please explain:

  • How is it possible you guys are commercial active since 1979, nobody knows you ?
  • How did you test that “efficiency”? (Ps it is: antennas instead of antennes)
  • What is that professional antenna analysers and plots you are using ? (Ps it is:  professional instead of professional.)
  • Ah that is another thing we have in common, my spelling isn’t that good either hihi.


UPDATE 25-2-2016

Where I had hopes they had learned something I couldn’t be more wrong.

Three years ago I made a document for the Dutch CB forum and published it on several locations. The document decribes how to construct a “HPSD” style J-Pole. Having learned from the past we stated that anyone can use the document to construct the antenna, however NOT if it was meant for commercial activities in any way. And that went rather well, many people made the antenna and are happy.
Thats the goal, helping people.

The original link can be found here: http://cbforum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9108

That was until 25-2-2016 where I was informed GLOBAL DX ANTENNAS is providing a commercial version of it:

The final piece of advice I would like to provide to the LIMA VICTOR CLUB AND CLUSTER DX GLOBAL DX ANTENNAS :



Kind regards,


19DX348 PG0DX

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