Product number : 11-2 SUPER QUAD

price : 269 euro
Gain: 7,15 dBI (5,01 dBD)
Gain @ 18meters : 12,79 dBI
Front to back: > 22 dB
Front to Side: >19 dB
SWR bandwidth: 900 Khz
Max Power:  >10 KW
Beamwidth: 70,2 degrees
Weigth: 8Kg
Longest element: 4,05 meter
Boom length: 0,9 meter
Heigth: 2 meter
Boom diameter: 50mm
Boom to mast connection: < 50mm
Turning radius:
Element diameter: 22/18/14 mm
Stacking distance: 6,5 meter
Stacked total gain: 10,19 dBi
Antennna inspired on original ideas from YU7XL


If you want all the benefits of a cubical quad,

If you want a small boom length and…

If you want the best on that boom length …

The 2 elements SUPER QUAD made by HPSD is the one you want.


This is a SUPER QUAD developed especially for those with limited space.  The antenna is “only” about 4 meters wide, has a height below 2 meters and a boom with only 90 cm.

But be not mistaking…still with very impressive figures !

This antenna is already capable of producing 7dBI and a front to back in the 30 dB region. Figures which have never been heard of on such a small boom length.

This, together with all benefits:

  • 50 ohms direct impedance
  • NO matching losses
  • closed loop configuration
  • less p-static
  • almost unlimited power handling capability.

You can read all about the mechanical aspects here: Mechanical


Above the freespace azimuth plot.


With the antenna at 18 meters high, above average ground the total gain is 12,63 dBI under a 8 degree angle

Above the “freespace” elevation pattern.

A real life SWR measurent. A “peak” return loss beyond 30 dB !