Product number : 11-4 F-YAGI
price : 329 euro
Gain:                   8,3 dBI (6,16 dBD)
Gain @ 18m height:      13,86 dBI
Front to back:          >27 dB
Azimuth-Beamwidth:      61,8 degrees
SWR bandwidth:          1 MHz
Max Power:              >10Kw
Longest element:        5,5 Meter
Boom length:            3,6 Meter
Turning radius:
Weight:                 12 Kg
Stacking distance:      7,5 meter
Stacked Total gain:     11,56 dBI
Element diameter:       25/20/16 mm
Boom diameter:          50mm
Boom/mast connection:   <50mm

The F-yagi is the end result of combining all “positive” aspects from different yagi style antennas.
If you are a DXer and want maximum from a single antenna, the F-yagi is the way to go!  You can read all about the F-yagi here: F-yagi
Besides these positive electrical aspects, the F-yagi produced by HPSD is of outstanding mechanical quality. You can read all about the mechanical aspects here: Mechanical.

This 4 elements is one of HPSD’s prefered. A tigth pattern, high gain, all the F-yagi bennefits and still “easy” to handle with only 3,6 meters boomlength. In short…A DX work horse !

All elements are isolated from the boom. This will ensure pattern stability after many years.
Of course a RF choke is provided with the antenna. (2Kw)

As with all HPSD antennas: each antenna is hand made and fully tested !
You will receive a handmade quality product!
And not just another antenna of the “line”.



Above the Azimuth plot in freespace.

above the elevation plot at 18 meters heigth above real earth.

“click” on picture to enlarge.

“click” on picture to enlarge.

SWR measured at client location.