Product number : 11-2el MOXON

price : 179 euro


Gain:                 6,07 dBI (3,93 dBD)
Gain: @ 18m height:   12,12 dBI
Front to back:        >31 dB
Azimuth-Beam width:   66,2 degrees
SWR bandwidth:        1700 kHz
Max Power:            >10Kw
Longest element:      4,1 Meter
Boom length:          1,5 Meter
Turning radius:   
Weigth:               5 Kg

Stacking distance:    7 Meter
Stacked Total gain:   9,8 dBI
Element diameter:     22/18 mm
Boom diameter:        50mm
Boom/mast connection: <50mm



The 2 elements Moxon HPSD produces is a big succes !

It is one of the finest, if not the top of any small type yagi available.
Mechnical wise, you will not find a stronger beam.

The boom is made out of 50mm tubing. The elements diameter start at 22mm. The element end pieces are made out of double thick 14mm tube (this will reduce the corona effect with high powers (>5kw))

All elements are isolated from the boom. This will ensure pattern stability after many years.
All elements are attached to each other with FULL ROD fiberglass.
Of course a RF choke is provided with the antenna.

For more pictures please look at :


The antenna is still ligth enough to be turned by a simple rotator.
But be not mistaking!

THE HPSD MOXON is a heavy duty version, which will last a life time !

At 18 meters heigth the HPSD 2el Moxon produces 12,11 dBI Gain under a  degree take off angle (using average ground conditions)

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