Product number : 11-8 F-YAGI
price : 1499 euro
Gain:                   13,2 dBI (11,06 dBD)
Gain @ 18m heigth:      18,52 dBI
Front to back:          >27 dB
Azimuth-Beamwidth:      40,8 degrees
SWR bandwidth:          1 Mhz
Max Power:              >10Kw
Longest element:        5,5 meter
Boom length:            18 meter
Turning radius:
Weigth:                 65 Kg
Stacking distance:      10 meter
Stacked Total gain:     15,59 dBI
Element diameter:       22/18 mm
Boom diameter:          75 mm
Boom/mast connection:   <75mm

The F-yagi is the end result of combining all “positive” aspects from different yagi style antennas.
If you are a DXer and want maximum from a single antenna, the F-yagi is the way to go!  You can read all about the F-yagi here: F-yagi

Besides these positive electrical aspects, the F-yagi produced by HPSD is of outstanding mechanical quality. You can read all about the mechanical aspects here: Mechanical

All elements are isolated from the boom. This will ensure pattern stability after many years.
Of course a RF choke is provided with the antenna. (2Kw)

Above the Azimuth plot in freespace.

above the elevation plot at 18 meters heigth above real earth.