Product number : 11-4 SUPER QUAD
price : 489 euro
Gain: 10,00 dBI (7,86 dBD)
Gain @ 18meters : 15,48 dBI
Front to back: > 32 dB
Front to Side: >20 dB
SWR bandwidth: > 1Mhz
Max Power:  >10 KW
Beamwidth: 55,6 degrees
Weigth: 18 Kg
Longest element: 4,05 meter
Boom length: 4,9 meter
Heigth: 1,9 meter
Boom diameter: 50mm
Boom to mast connection: < 50mm
Turning radius:
Element diameter: 22/18/14 mm
Stacking distance: 8,5 meter
Stacked total gain: 12,9 dBi
Antenna inspired on original ideas from YU7XL


Never before was a antenna capabel of producing 10 dBI on such a boom length.

The 4el SUPER QUAD is not only a “dx-gun” its a entire army ! As with all super quads, the entire antenna is made out of aluminium.  No wires breaking or “moving” in resonant frequency. This antenna is massive.,be certain if you want to put something up like this !

And of course, all the benefits:

  • 50 ohms direct impedance
  • NO matching losses
  • closed loop configuration
  • less p-static
  • almost unlimited power handling capability.

You can read all about the mechanical aspects here: Mechanical


The elevation plot at 18 meters heigth.


The freespace elevation plot.

SWR plot