Product number : 11-3el FMR YAGI

11-3el FMR HPSD 19HF019

price : 299 euro
Gain:                 7,5 dBI (5,36 dBD)
Gain: @ 18m height:   15,05 dBI
Front to back:        >30 dB
Azimuth-Beamwidth:    66,2 degrees
SWR bandwidth:        700 KHz
Max Power:            >10Kw
Longest element:      5,6 Meter
Boom length:          2,3 Meter
Turning radius:   
Weight:               8 Kg

Stacking distance:    7 meter
Stacked Total gain:   10,6 dBI
Element diameter:     25/20/16 mm
Boom diameter:        50mm
Boom/mast connection: <50mm


THE FMR yagi stands for “forward Moxon Radiator”.

The FMR yagi was designed for those who want maximum efficiency from a “medium size” antenna. With a boom length of ony 2,3 meters. The FMR produces results unkown to the “antenna community”. The gain is still at the top of what one can expect from such a boom lenght however the front to back and front to side are amazing !

As with all HPSD antennas all the other bennefits are there !

  • 50 ohms direct impedance
  • NO matching losses
  • closed loop configuration
  • less p-static
  • almost unlimited power handling capability.

Not only is the FMR yagi the best from a electrical point of view, also from a mechanical aspect the antennas are superior.

You can read all about the mechanical aspects here: Mechanical


Above the 3el FMR- Yagi freespace plot.


At 18 meters above average ground the gain produced under a 8 degree angle is 13,09 dBI


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