Product number : 11-2  Cubical Quad

11-2el Cubical Quad HPSD

price : 249 euro
Gain:                  7,18 dBI (5,04 dBD)
Gain @ 18 meters:      12,18 dBI
Front to back:         >22 dB
Azimuth-Beamwidth:     72,8 degrees
SWR bandwidth:         1200 Mhz
Max Power:             >2Kw

Longest element:       3 meter
Boomlength:            1,5 meter
Turning radius:    
Weigth:                8 Kg

Stacking distance:     7,5
Stacked Total gain:    10,58 dBI
Element diameter:     
Boom diameter:         50mm
Boom/mast connection:  <50mm

As with our Yagi's the Cubical quads from HPSD are made how it should be.
Most manufacturers drill holes through the boom for element attachement,
we dont. We have special designed clamps to hold our full rod fiberglass poles
All the materials are far above "standard".

The polarisation of the Quad can be either Vertical or Horizontal polarized.
Depending on how you mount the antenna.

above the freespace plot.

above the elevation plot at 18 meters heigth above real earth.