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13DX011 Finn, 11-5el F-yagi
Hello Henry,
first of all i had to say thank you. The Antenna is in very good quality, has a good bandwidth and a SWR 1:1,3 on 27.500.
I have very nice receive Signals and got almost nearly the same Signal Reports back.
Big improvment to my “old” Antennas.
I started radio again in dec 2012 and got 175 DXCC worked
since that date. Mostly divisions with the F-Yagi especially long DX contacts was easy to work.
Now its one more time to thank you Henry for this fantastic Antenna.
Next step is Versatower to get a final high of 15meters.
I will not change anything right now Henry. The Antenna working perfect and i am mostly
one of the first stations breaking pile ups.
You make a good Job henry. Best regards Finn 13DX011


26SW037 Adi, 11-2el Moxon
Hello Henry
At present it is around 7ft off the ground to check swr etc, not ideal i know but still managed St Martin in the Caribean and a few mid west states in the USA and central Canada too using 50watt from the very low height in failing conditions. The recieve is very quiet compared to my vertical. Hopefully i will be able to get it mounted higher in the coming months.


Many thanks Adi 26SW037


26FB050 Paul, 11-2el Moxon
Good morning henry im pleased to tell you antenna up and working perfectly.many thanks for all your help and advice on the installation
I will recomend you to my friends i have put a picture of the finished off  antenna
Many thanks

 163FB225 Dave, 11-2el Moxon

Henry, A great antenna, fixed it at thirty feet up today, swr at 1.3 to 1 first time. My very first contact was 2 et045 in Michigan using just 10 watts from here in Wales. Great build quality too, will last for decades. . Many thanks 163fb225 Dave.

47DK137 Karsten, 11-5el F-Yagi

Hi Henry,
First ever 210 div and surprise… Only 6.5 meters off of the ground.
Of Course excellent conditions, but almost same receive signals as some of the big guns up here.
Good job, thanks Karsten

1SD113, Andrea, 11-8el F-yagi

Yagi is spectacular DIRECTION.
hello henry many thanks x your help. good job 1SD113 ANDREA

19HF019 John, 11-3el FMR Yagi

Hello Henry, It took some time, but here is a picture of the famous FMR yagi. It works like a canon !

Henk Dibbets, 11-2el MOXON

Hello Henry, The antenna is in the mast now, and i have to say: super quallity. Im all ready very satisfied. The first qso was made and i received a 5/9 plus report. As you can see the pigeons also discovered the new antenna. 🙂 Greetings, and enjoy the weekend.  Henk Dibbets  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCQ1HK30oI8        Ps. I will deffinitly recommend you to other 27Mhz users.


13AT242 Oliver, 11-3el F-Yagi
Hi Henry, i use now the antenna several days , and i love it very much. good signals. much stronger backscatter signals as on the hb9cv before.  a big improvement to the hb9cv. and still a smaller boom then a normal 3 element.
greetings oliver
 47DX054 Leif,  11-5el F-Yagi
” If you exactly follow all the objective as stated when you assemble the antenna, nothing can go wrong.
You then have an antenna which fully deliver what the specification promises.
First contact with the antenna was to 41 div. L/P and signal report 5/9+20db
Thanks Henry, great job.”
19AT145 Eddie, 11-3el F-Yagi
Hello Henry
The antenna is in the mast (see picture)
And i have to say the first impression is a really satisfied one. You kept your word “it was a great antenna” lol…
The reception is great and i already made some nice qso’s
Greets Eddie 19AT145
Tim Stanton, 11-2el Moxon:
I regard the Ae as a wee jewel in the crown. When I put the Ae up in my garden with bigger houses round it was very quiet and it pulled the weaker signals in. Even on a 50klm contact the difference was huge compared to my half wave vert. I in the British army (Royal Signals) here in Germany and my main job is teaching HF radios and antenna and propagation theory so I am looking forward to getting the best use from the Moxon. I am also contemplating if adding another element on a longer boom is practical or easy.
Henry congratulations on an excellent Ae. Tim
PA3ANV Gerrit, 6-6el LFA-Yagi:
Fluitje van een cent Henry. Geen problemen gehad. De swr is over de hele 6 meterband niet hoger dan 1:1,2.   Superdeluxe dus.
Om problemen met overgangweerstand te vermijden heb ik de gebogen uiteinden van de loop na afregeling nog extra gesoldeerd met Durafix Easyweld.
19AT108 Reamon, 11-4el F-yagi:
The antenna works really well!, i was able to work a lot of different stations, a real difference compared to the other antenna.
PD1RP Peter, 10-4el LFA-Yagi :
10 meter ARRL contest:
So, the contest is finished! And it turned out to be a real battle. Not in way that we were really bussy. But it was hard spending hours to lisning to the noise with only now and then a whisper. But when we heard a whisper we were able to log that station. Thanks to the good antenna we had up. (4el LFA special for the contest, 9 meters high).
We only logged 54 qso’s wich would ofcourse normally be done in half an hour with good propagation.
Through this way we (Richard,Flip PD1TC) en Me would like to thank HPSD for a good weekend.
If your looking for a good antenna at a resonable price please contact Henry.
At my homesite you can see some picuters: www.PD1RP.nl
PE1L Rene, 6-6el LFA-Yagi:
Hello Henry!,
Last sunday i heard the first EME signals on 6 meters with the LFA…I am impressed!!
Kind regards,
19AT113 Sietze, 11-4el LFA Yagi:
Hello Henry
Today, i mounted the antenna in the mast.
The SWR is perfect, and the bandwidth is wide aswell!
I immiditaly noticed the noise level was lower compared to my old yagi.
Enclosed a couple pictures for on the site!
Kind regards,
Sietse 19AT113
PD1ADF Peter, 2-7el LFA Yagi:
Thank you Henry!
This antenna really does make a difference!.
Not only electrical but mechanical too.
Compared to the more commercial yagi’s it is buildt like a tank!
19SD226 Sip, 11-3el LFA Yagi
Hello Henry,
the antenna has now placed the 3 element LAF and must say he works from art.
I must place him still higher have to him now on 8 meters.
Gretings from Sip 19SD266
19RK426 Marcel, 12/11-2el Moxon
I have already made nice qso’s with the moxon, some mobile guy on a island for Iceland and i have been heard in the USA already, and ofcourse the usual within Europa.The antenna is very broadband with the SWR. It is a perfect match on 26Mhz and 1:1.3 at 27.555
The reception compared to the optibeam is much better on 26 and 27 mhz, more or less equal on 28 Mhz.
And thats the way it should be.
(the optibeam is designed for 28mhz).All taken in acount I Love the antenna, its compact, it performes above my expectations!
Ofcourse a 5el long boom yagi would “out perform” the antenna, but this antenna will work fine for me.
30DA016 Dave 11-4el LFA Yagi
Thank you Henry!
Very good antenna to work with, very strong build, high gain, good F/B, band width, low noise: perfect.
And thank you for the explanation and design on the other antenna’s: the moxons; 4 el. and 6 el.
Always ready to answer my silly questions. I will have more in the future……
19AT115 Michel 11-5el LFA (homemade)
Again, the 5 element antenna zx adjusted to approximately 8 meters LFA antenna beam
Like some others say the noise is less while the reception is better.
My first sa connection went fine too, got the antenna itself rebuilt with help from Henry.
Materials have bought from him, thanks for the help,
19SD280 Tjebbe, 11-5el LFA (homemade)
Hello Henry:
I have changed antennes from a 5elements ZX yagi to a 5elements LFA.
I could deffinitly notice the difference with the first time i turned on the radio.
The noise went down (softer) because of that i could copy weaker stations better.
The SWR is perfect 1:1 and the radiation pattern has improved in comparisement with the normal yagi i had.
26 SD 076 Paddy,
“I love the antenna..
Nice build quality (will last forever)
No gamma match,no loss,ultra low swr…What more can I say ?? “